For over thirty years, we’ve been doing the right thing for people that have been wronged. Over these years, we have tragically seen the recklessness and negligence of others deal a host of injuries to our neighbors and friends. Broken bones, brain damage, whiplash, TMJ injuries, herniated discs – these are injuries that disrupt the flow of life with long hospital stays and big bills. Unfortunately, the negligence of others is a threat that never goes away. What we can do is build off the experience of past cases, learn from our associates, and most importantly, learn from our clients, to help our clients fully utilize their rights under the law and help offset catastrophic damage.

Auto Accidents

Experts say you have a 1 in 16 chance of getting in a motor vehicle accident over the year. at Distracted drivers make the roads a more hazardous place than ever. The next person pulled over at the side of the road could be you. A collision will ruin your whole day – and if it’s just a day that gets ruined, you’re one of the lucky ones. Many more have suffered serious injuries and, fortunately, were able to get their finances back on track after sound legal advice like we offer at Seattle Personal Injury.

Truck Accidents

More is being asked of our truckers than ever. Though many complete their jobs safely and competently, others are asked to cut corners and drive for unsafe lengths of time in order to make a buck. Every day we share the road with huge uncaring commercial concerns, with insurance policies to match. Seattle Personal Injury has made them pay before, and is prepared to do so again, as many times as it takes until justice is served.

Bicycle Accidents

The best-prepared cyclist is still no match for a careless motorist. Under the law, cyclists are afforded rights to our roadways. If a motorist has denied you those rights, especially if it has come to the point of injury, then you have the right to make them pay. A look at the tragic injury statistics shows that cyclists of all levels need protection against the dominant force on the road when the latter is negligent. If you’ve received a low-ball insurance settlement quote, stop corresponding with that company and give us a call now.

Motorcycle Accidents

Bias against bikers on the part of judges is real. Through our thirty years of hearing motorcyclists’ experience in the courtroom, we’ve seen it time and time again. Nip that bias in the bud with quality representation from seasoned attorneys. A negligent motorist is your number one enemy on the road. If you collide with one, you will almost definitely sustain more injury than they do. Help bring balance to the open road, by holding motorists accountable for the deadly machines they pilot.

Premises Liability

To provide for our families, many of us are forced to take on jobs where the physical surroundings are less than ideal. Unsafe surroundings can make you dread coming in to work every day, and in some cases, can lead to falls, cuts, broken bones, electrical shock, and more. You could also encounter hazards in stores, schools, and even public spaces. If unsafe conditions at a workplace, place of business, or private property have led you to suffer an injury, you may have the right to compensation. Call us now for free to find out how to move forward with your claim.

Wrongful Death

Your emotional devastation at the loss of a loved one should not be used as an excuse not to look further. Especially in the case of a sudden death, there are no “natural causes.” If a medical decision is to blame for your loved one’s passing, then you could be entitled to income above and beyond what a life insurance policy can provide. You can let the unanswered questions haunt you, or you can get to the bottom of a bad situation. If someone else is to blame for a loved one’s untimely passing, you deserve answers, and you deserve the ability to maintain your lifestyle.

Bad Insurance

Insurance policies are designed to make you want to give up the fight. Page after page of rules, details and exceptions – if you signed the papers, you’re bound to it all. The insurance company will do everything it can to avoid paying up. If they’ve given you a reason for not paying on a claim that you desperately need, check your policy carefully to make sure their story adds up. If it doesn’t, give us a call. The company’s denial may not have legal footing, but the moment you accept it, you give yourself less to stand on.

Worksite Accidents

Workplaces are constantly looking to cut costs and produce more goods faster and cheaper. But when these measures come at the expense of the safety of the humans who work there, they must be held responsible. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of challenging the source of your livelihood. You have rights that go above and beyond what you can produce at work. If you’ve been seriously injured y unsafe conditions in your workplace, call us today.

Brain Injuries

In recent years, research has uncovered alarming new facts about concussions – all pointing to the fact that they’re more dangerous than we’ve known. Changes in habits and personality, permanent and sometimes deadly, can stem from a single blow to the head. Over time, the victim of a concussion can lose the motor skills they rely on to get them through everyday life. As memories leave them, they can emerge as shadows of their former selves. If someone else is responsible for you or a loved one’s concussion, they deserve to be held to account for endangering the organ that comprises someone’s very personhood.

Spinal Injuries

The spine is one of the most complex systems in the body, comprising nerves, bones, and a very important job: to relay the brain’s messages to the rest of the body. The complexity of the spine is the reason why procedures on the spine can cost thousands, and put the health of the victims at greater risk. Spinal procedures send patients on a course of therapy that can last years. Skilled personal injury attorneys can get significant financial compensations for people who suffered a spinal injury due to the reckless or negligent behavior of another. If you believe you have a claim to make, give us a call today.ble.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Though the majority do their jobs with ample care, some nursing home workers fail to realize the importance of their position. The well-being of our mothers and fathers is wrapped up in people’s jobs. If these people do their jobs poorly, they must pay – you wouldn’t have it any other way for the elders in your life. The law permits you to strike on seeing signs of dehydration, bedsores, or soiled clothing in elder patients. With the law on your side, you can make a stand against a life they don’t deserve.

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury should happen to no one. The regulations and restrictions we put in place as a result of our litigation brings us closer to that ideal. If someone other than the injured party is to blame, we will do everything in our power to demonstrate to that party the severity of their negligence and its real-world effects by making them pay. When your world is turned upside-down, take action to ease your burdens with proven legal expertise and dedicated professionals working for you.