Why people choose the attorneys at Gosanko & O’Hallroan, PLLC

About Us

We make people pay for their reckless, negligent, and unethical actions. It’s hard to stop these actions from happening, but with the power of the law, we can hold them to account on behalf of the people they have wronged.

We provide the personal care and attention of a small law firm, and the legal resources of a large one. No matter the complexity of your case, we always strive for a level of deep understanding with our clients. This type of close relationship is crucial to ease our clients’ minds about the legal process – a challenging one that many injury victims are experiencing for the first time.

We target two groups in our litigation: the person committing the reckless, negligent, or unethical behavior, and the insurance companies who try to make the wronged party settle a claim for less than what it’s worth. By going after the first group, we help hold our communities to a higher standard. By going after big insurance, we help curb unjust practices whereby these companies buy the silence of those who suffer, which ultimately adds to their billions.

A reckless or negligent act can deal a great shock to relationships, lifestyle, and finance. For hundreds of people, we have helped bring the important area of finances back to a semblance of normalcy. To add to our clients’ ease of experience we work on contingency, with no money ever required for taking the first steps toward a claim.


What We Do

· Ensure the victims of recklessness and negligence take full advantage of their rights under law.

· Advise our clients the best courses of action in going forward with a lawsuit.

· Obtain maximum financial recoveries on behalf of people – not insurance companies.


Our Results

Our aggressive approach has led to generous compensation for our clients in the maximum amounts permitted by law. Hundreds of people rocked by injury or wrongful death were able to regain their financial footing by working with us. Victims and their families have been able to regain peace of mind and faith in the fairness of their world.


The law is too expansive. Even one sector, like personal injury, can contain too much for one lawyer to practice with full confidence. Seattle personal Injury prides itself on being a diverse law firm with practitioners of many backgrounds and fields, who have come together to focus on winning your case. On joining our firm, our attorneys are held to our standards of courtesy and clarity in their communication with people like you. Put us to the test by giving us a call today, and see how easy it is to connect with top legal professionals.


We encourage you to contact us first if:

1. The insurance company is asking you to provide anything – a written statement, your signature on a document, or a request to meet with a doctor of their choosing. By doing any of these, you could be forfeiting your rights.

2. The insurance company is refusing to pay for property damage, wage loss, or medical bills.

3. You do not have enough money to see a doctor.